Role models and the potential impact on young people

This Blog will consider the advantages and disadvantages of role models by taking a retrospective look at the popular 1970s television police drama, Starsky and Hutch. Their potential impact on young people, specifically their attitudes towards violence and challenging stereotypes of the day. The focus will be on the main characters, Starsky and Hutch.
A role model is someone who others looked up to (Oxford 2017). People choose role models based on qualities which they wish to copy or distant themselves from, providing both inspiration and learning to help guide and distinguish themselves from others (Gibson 2003). Conversely a negative role model would be someone not to copy. Herein, young people are being defined as aged between 10 to 20 years old.
Starsky and Hutch gained international acclaim as a Police drama in the 1970’s, sold to 67 countries (This Morning 2017) and still holds popularity today. Following two undercover detectives in fictional Bay City, California, its focus is on criminal activity. However, the interaction and friendship between the two main characters Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and Hutch (David Soul) is a significant theme.Starsky exudes confidence and playfulness, almost making him the “little brother” in the storyline. Hutch is a more mature character, health conscious, intellectual, more “straight laced”, “big brother” role. Other characters include, “father figure” Captain Dobey, who is frequently ignored by the rebellious “teenagers” and a streetwise police informant, Huggy Bear. Their “child-like” behaviour in the programme appeals to young people who may be more likely to imitate and emulate them. From the beginning, both Glaser and Soul portrayed the characters with emphasis on the brother like friendship between them.

“This is the way we decided to approach it. We start with ordinary days, ordinary guys who really happened to like each other a lot, who happened to be cops, and we took off from there.”

David Soul (Word on the Street 1999).

According to Lamb (2013), this approach was ground-breaking for its time. Increasing significance was given to the male friendship. Lamb (2013) states that this may have been in the context of a “growing awareness of feminism and homosexuality”, this would have started a dialogue of those increasingly mainstream issues which would have presented uncomfortable viewing for some. Challenging the stereotypical view of masculinity, showing men as more of a whole being. It is not intrinsically homosexual to be close to another man. This friendship was advanced for the norm portrayed at the time. Two men can be close friends without it being sexual. The idea that it is not socially acceptable for two men to be friends without the suggestion of homosexuality, whilst two women can be close friends without the same suggestion, demonstrates a sexist double standard. As Lamb (2013) suggests, even in the present day, a close friendship between two male characters is viewed as having homosexual undertones. Bandura (1965) shows, children copy what they see others do, demonstrating the positive role models of Starsky and Hutch, as per Gibson (2003) description.
The first two seasons were action packed, but not without criticism due to the levels of violence. Partly due to the public outcry regarding violence on T.V. and Glaser’s concerns ( 2011), the violence in subsequent seasons was subdued.
Husemann (1977) showed how children exposed to violent T.V. programmes exhibit increased violent behaviour. Charren (1995) states that children exposed to violence on television may view violence as “a solution to problems, violent behaviour can be fun and funny. . . Many do tend to accept violence as a normal way of life.” Henry (2005) states “kids learn how to deal with difficult situations from adult role models”, if children see violence as fun or cool they will be more inclined to copy it. In the absence of parental guidance children look to role models to fill that gap and would copy the violence if not corrected.
Everyone involved in the programme actively chose to write and portray Starsky and Hutch as non-violent role models; the challenge of the programme was to find non-violent solutions. The producers decided to use different ways to tackle violence to show it is not “a solution to problems”. For example, they would chastise others for shooting and even “bend” the law for what they thought was right (Se3-4) Their close relationship was an inspiration particularly to boys watching, showing you do not have to fit into the traditional stereotype of manhood and you can embrace being close with another man without being homosexual.
Several episodes demonstrate this including, “The heroes” (se3 ep8) where a woman is taken hostage. They put their guns down and talk to the hostage, whilst she screams, “Shoot him!” He is successfully arrested peacefully and she asks, confused “Why, Why didn’t you shoot him?”
Starsky looks at her in disgusted disbelief, leaving Hutch to say “It wasn’t necessary!”
This example presents the woman as a negative role model; someone to not to copy. The way the main characters show disdain for her comments shows them to be good role models.
However, a modern-day disadvantage is none of the episodes pass the Bechdel test (Bechdel 1985) which states, programmes should have at least two named women in them who should converse with each other about something other than a man. The women in Starsky and Hutch are very much extras to the story; either showing outside work life, relationships of the two, or as story lines themselves. In that respect, it is very much of its time. Lamb (2013) states, “the women were more disposable and even less important to the story-world “. Considering the programme is about Starsky and Hutch, two Male detectives, it would be hard for anyone else not to be “disposable”. Starsky and Hutch has proved to be a ground breaking programme, both Starsky and Hutch per Gibson (2003) definition of role models, are positive role models; they show responsibility, a more positive view on being male, a kinship that was like no other at the time. The producer and actors in the show proved they needed to do something about the issue of role models affecting young people’s behaviour. Unless children are provided with discussions as to violence not being the answer or necessary, unless it is tempered with a degree of disdain and made to look uncool, it will be copied. They did not just do violence for violence’s sake and if they could get around it by not being violent they would and did.

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Do vaccines cause autism? -Part I

Have a read of this blog , well written indeed

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Infectious diseases have impacted the lives of everyone, including many American presidents, not just memorably FDR. George Washington likely suffered from 9 various diseases. Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, Harrison, Polk, Taylor, Lincoln, Arthur, Harrison, Wilson, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Ford, and Carter all have ties to various diseases.

Unlike the past, the vaccine debate has become more intertwined in our daily conversations than several decades ago. As with Ford and Carter, political decisions can influence the population at large, which is why the discussion of vaccine safety is important and timely.


Political decisions have important implications

Howard Markel, the director of the Center for the History of Medicine at the University of Michigan and a historical consultant to the CDC, says the most challenging decision facing officials is when to institute mass vaccination programs as vaccines inherently carry risks of complications, which can lead to ethical dilemmas. Unlike iron, which…

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Well I am back, A lot has happened. I have done and completed an access to higher education course. I start real uni in September, all being well.

Someone totalled my car, the rear-ended it and now I am car less, which for a piston head like me is a bit of an upset.

The insurance are the worst insurance company I have ever experienced ! No information being forwarded to me, I have had to do all the chasing with everything, and now they wont chase my recovery and release fees from the other side, I have to do that !

Never again !

Other than that, what have you been up to ?

Oh ! In other news, I made a life long dream come true and I met the gorgeous Paul Michael Glaser ( Starsky) The glorious David Soul ( Hutch) and the wonderful Antonio Fargas ( huggy)… It was an truly unbelievable day ! I may tell you more later ,if you are interested ?

I’ll be posting something I am particularly proud of in my next post..

Have a great day, evening or whatever it is there right now 🙂

Remember to make just one stranger smile today xx ❤

Lots of love xx




Vaccines, Autism and Amish

oh dear, I have just read a blog stating as fact that Amish people do not vaccinate and therefore they do not have Autistic people within their communities.

I would firstly, question what the writer of the blog here. Please do inform me as to what they mean by ” Autism” as this is a general statement throughout and absolutely no explanation as to what they mean by the word. The ” scientific research” they  quote and lead you to is well, not substantiated nor has it been repeated in scientific journals etc.. or no evidence has been shown.


“For starters, children are not born with autism. It appears during infancy or childhood, and is brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above. “

Autism is a developmental disorder which is not fully understood and as a result we have people stating as fact something that is totally unsubstantiated by science

” In fact, the recent autism spectrum disorder (ASD) spike over the past two decades in the USA directly coincides with the vaccine schedule increase, by quantity and frequency, enforced by the CDC.”

The ” recent” spike, which is neither recent or a spike. The rise in recorded and diagnosed cases of Autism is due to Autism actually being acknowledged and diagnosed. When you find a diagnostic tool for something you did not have a diagnostic tool for you will get people being given that label, where they did not have that label before and therefore you will get more and more people listed as Autistic or whatever it is.

My father and mother were Autistic, my grandmother and grandfather were also, they were not vaccinated !

“…Take a little trip to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and try to tag yourself even half a dozen Amish children with autism and you’ll come up short. If statistics matched our national average, there would be about 200 in the Amish community, but to date, there are only three, one of which was adopted and brought over from China. Go figure. Another one actually did get vaccinated and developed autism shortly afterwards. Go figure again… “

Statistics do not work like that !

But to answer this, are you 100% sure you will come up short or are Autistic people being missed ? Autism is a spectrum and people walk about looking ” normal” , acting “normal” and still are Autistic. Plus, within a community that values, roles , rules, structure and routine, things that Autistic people thrive with, well, I say you are going to miss a whole lot of Autistic people for that reason alone ! Not to mention the fact that the diagnostic system  for Autism, itself is in its infancy and is, for want of a better word, dreadful ! It misses Autistic people, especially the adults all the time! Also, the fact that women have only just started to be accepted as being able to be Autistic and there is still not a proper diagnosis for them ! This will all lead to cases of Autism being missed, “spiking” etc..

  “…Here are some universal and national statistics to consider. Autism affects over 20 million people around the world, and occurs in boys four to five times more often than girls…”

— This is untrue ! Boys are NOT 4 to 5 times more likely to be Autistic than girls ! This is due to the lack of acceptance that women could be Autistic. Also, what is the writer saying here , that boys are 4 or 5 times more likely to be vaccinated ?

 ” …In the US, one in every 68 children has some form of ASD,…  “

That figure is outdated.The amount of Autistic people grows as knowledge of it grows in society and people come forward for diagnosis

”  …United States kids get 50 inoculations before age seven, many that are combinations containing multiple disease strains, mercury, formaldehyde (yes, embalming fluid for the dead), monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aluminum, just to name a few neurotoxins. Flu shots contain the highest levels of mercury, up to 25,000 times what the EPA allows as a maximum in drinking water and edible fish. Mercury is the second most poisonous element know to mankind…”

So they have an issue with what’s in the vaccine ? Sure I agree, lets put better stuff in them. But lets not make a blanket statement and scare tactics that are not true that vaccines cause Autism. Campaign to get heavy metals out of vaccines but don’t do it by lying !

” …Amish children experience hardly any learning disabilities at all, in fact. Nor are the Amish experiencing typical US diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes…”

That could not have anything to do with better smaller schooling, better community , a more caring inclusive community and society, which does not have the same work pressures of today’s dreadful version of capitalism ?

Looking to blame something is natural, looking to blame something that they have put heavy metals etc in is natural. Jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions is,  well, silly !

If you are looking for research on the matter, look at all websites and research not just the one that back up your claims !

Just because something is newly diagnosed does not mean that it is not natural ! It does not mean that people have not been Autistic before the diagnostic system came in ! It does not mean that , as they are saying by saying that Autism is caused by vaccines that all Autistic people are mistakes ! We aren’t and we were here all along they just abused us and bullied us into either fitting in and playing “normal ” or worse !

Campaign for better treatment of all, campaign for heavy metals to be taken out, for big corporations to actually have to care about what they inject into us, about what they spray on our food, put in our cosmetics etc… but please do not tell others something that is just not true ! It really is rather silly and causes damage to others trying to be accepted.


Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking and in the 5 days of this new year, I have come to some realisations.

Everyone comes to any given situations with their own past, their own ” baggage ” so to speak, their own opinions, thoughts, and expectations as to how the given situation is going to be, pan out and how the other person, or persons are going to behave, act, speak. What the other people are going to say and how the situation is going to feel when experiencing it.

This leads to massive misunderstandings and people arriving who have already formed judgements as to what is going to be said, how others are going to behave and so forth. I am sure there has been a time when you have read something to be saying something completely different to what it actually says, only to find out a while later, when you re-read it that it did not say the negative thing you read in the first place ?

Sadly, for me I have to deal with a sibling who does not read, has not read since they were young, and the only way I can communicate , at present with them, because of my disability is via email and text. This gives me time to think about how to phrase things, as for so many years I have been abused and bullied because my disability means I say things and people read things into the words, read words in-between the gaps and then take offence at the words they made up themselves,  a perfect example of what I have just been talking about I suppose ! But I make myself known the clearest when I write, talking is not a strong point for me, the wrong tone of voice, ( and my tone of voice is always wrong ! ) and Puff ! The other person takes instant offence!

So they approached my texts and emails with a negative, fault finding mind. I do not know why they should think of me in that light, and that is the thing that bothers me ! Why would they think that I am out to hurt and be nasty ? I know now they brought their own stuff and baggage to the emails and that is why when they replied, they sure were not replying to the words I wrote, a prime example would be my new years wishes to them

As we leave 2016, a year that has seen so much change and learning to both our lives, I hope we can move into 2017 with a new optimism.  I wish you great joy,  that you find the peace you are looking for in yourself and a sense of happiness and unity. I wish that you find the happiness and joy you deserve. That you continue to move forward and always know I love you as my sister.

Enjoy 2017 X, you deserve it.

The replies , well I was surprised by, they seemed to be answering a message I had definitely not said , they arrived in 4 separate emails, within a minute of each other :

Same to you
On my part
Optimism = none
Joy   = really
Peace  =  really
Hope 2017 gives you all you deserve as well
For a while I wondered why on earth anyone would answer such a new years wish in such an awful manner, then I wondered if maybe I was misreading it myself and it was not meant to be nasty, so I waited a while and came back to it, I past it to other to read and gain their opinion on it.
Now, they definitely brought their own stuff to this email, the email was written in a kind, loving manner, with no malice intended at all, I did not write it in a sarcastic manner.
When you wish someone  ”  I wish you great joy,  that you find the peace you are looking for in yourself and a sense of happiness and unity. I wish that you find the happiness and joy you deserve ” and they come back with ” I hope 2017 gives you all you deserve as well ” Does seem like they have read into the words what they thought was being written, rather than taking time to actually read the words. I understand they answered my emails with the baggage they have which , sadly, I cannot help them with. The only thing I can do is continue to be loving and compassionate.
I know people bring their own , fears, worries and expectations to the written words, as they do to any encounter. But what bothers me is that , my sibling , who I grew up with seems to think so low of me that they read that a loving email means something nasty and hurtful. The only comfort I can take from it , is they brought their own stuff , bad baggage and it had nothing to do with what I wrote.
Remember that everyone brings their own bad baggage, their past is always dragged along behind them, the answers you get to how you are, what you do or say might just be a reflection as to what they are carrying around, what they won’t let go of.
The next time you deal with someone always remember they are dragging the heavy weight of their past , their experiences , their expectations along behind them, and that is heavy ! Have patience with others, understand that responses may not be to what you say , do etc but may be responses to that heavy weight.
Everyone needs and is looking for love and acceptance. In order to change the world, that starts with you, it starts with you understanding that everyone is different, that people hurt and respond with unhappiness, pain and fear. Show everyone you meet love , compassion and understanding and the pain, fear and unhappiness will dissipate and the world will become a better place.
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It’s always nice to be asked🙂 respect one another x

Thank you 

I just wanted to say thank YOU !

Thank you with all my heart .

You ! The one reading this ,even if you silently read it and never comment ,never like ,thank you. X 

Thank you for your support .

Without you I don’t know what I would have done.  You’ve given me faith in myself and a sense of connection to others , I didnt have before.

Thank YOU xx

I wish you joy and happiness for the coming year and a hope that when the bad time come, you don’t take them too hard and learn from them, what they have to teach .

I hope you have a fantastic spring and a glorious summer !

You are a special and important human being . Never ever forget that .

Thank YOU for being YOU xx

Material wealth will not make you happy

Well, I have to say it is sad and hard work when you have a sibling who is exceptionally unhappy. Not depressed unhappy, although that may be some of it,  but all the life time I have known them they have been that kind of unhappy with their life in general, you know the if I get a new conservatory or a Bentley, then I will be happy kind ? The one where all their lives they have not had a good word to say about any member of their family.  The one where if they have something to show off to show they are better than everyone else , then they will be happy.

How does material wealth mean you are better than someone ? – it does not !

How will a new conservatory or  a Bentley make you happy ? – it wont !

If they did and you got the new conservatory and Bentley , every time you went into the conservatory or sat in the Bentley , happiness would flood over you. It doesn’t ! All that happens is you crave for more, in the hopes that it will fill that gap in you, where you think happiness should be.

The only place happiness comes from is YOU ! YOU make your own happiness by your thoughts and actions !

And it makes me saddens to see someone suffer so much , so much so that they twist all words said to them to be negative and reply accordingly.

I sent them an email , I don’t stay up for the New year and this year, with my mother just dying I did not really feel up to it. So I sent an email early and I rang my brother as well . Sent at 16:22 31st December 2016

A wish for you from your sister

As we leave 2016, a year that has seen so much change and learning to both our lives, I hope we can move into 2017 with a new optimism.  I wish you great joy,  that you find the peace you are looking for in yourself and a sense of happiness and unity. I wish that you find the happiness and joy you deserve. That you continue to move forward and always know I love you as my sister.

Enjoy 2017 X , you deserve it.

When I logged on this morning, it appears my words have been picked apart, ( again!) and it ” seems ” ( I say seems as I am not quite sure as to the meanings, I am only going off the previous emails they have sent ) Twisted to mean something different than what I meant and in fact wrote !

The replies came thick and fast it seems, and I am glad I only deal with emails when I want to , I turned my phone off a long while ago, when dealing with X’s unhappiness  and now I only use email etc when I’m ready and sitting at a computer.

Re: A wish for you from your sister

Sat 31/12/2016, 19:27

Same to you

On my part

Optimism = none

Sure, I am sorry they feel they have no optimism, but only they can give themselves that. I can not help.

 received : Sat 31/12/2016, 19:28

Joy   = really

What I actually said was  ”  I wish you great joy, that you find the peace you are looking for in yourself and a sense of happiness and unity. “

received : Sat 31/12/2016, 19:29

Peace  =  really

received :Sat 31/12/2016, 19:33

Hope 2017 gives you all you deserve as well

 What I actually wrote was ,  ” I wish that you find the happiness and joy you deserve. “

Whilst the last one is lovely, I do not think it is meant how I am reading it.The other ones with the equals signs, sorry, I have no clue as to what they are on about !

Now I do feel compelled to point out that this person, has a very well paid job, a rather large new car, big enough to fit two  very large dogs in, has a lovely house to live in (granted rented, but personally , I see no shame in that ! It is smaller by a considerable sum than the one they used to live in, which had a mortgage on it )

 The job they do, they  made up themselves, by approaching the boss and suggesting that the job needed to exist and it was given to them,they have been put through training, got a degree, they have no student loan for (paid for by their work), so , personally I consider that rather fortunate and blessed.

Also teaches on a communications course ! Surely the first rule on any communications course, which I also have done, although granted,  I have not been given the opportunity to teach one. The first rule on that course is :

Do not answer emails whilst inebriated !

Fortunately,  I do not really drink, I learnt a lesson a long while ago that sorrow floats and you can not hide your troubles in a bottle.

I will not be answering the emails, I will not be answering any more negativity. That will stay with the sender, any genuine concerns and questions about things, delivered to me in a calm, polite , civil manner  shall be dealt with accordingly, anything else will be ignored. I will not be explaining emails which said what they needed to but were not actually read.

What do they hope to achieve by answering any well meaning email or any email in a negative nasty way or by not reading them, as the next emails I received have shown? They have not actually read ANY of my previous emails. They have responded to negativity that was not there, they have  actively CHOSEN to respond in a negative manner. And what can you do when someone actively chooses to view everything you say negatively ?

Although I do choose to try not the read anything into other peoples words and to go off what they words they have actively chosen say. I am consciously aware that people do not always say what they mean, they use sarcasm ( pointless in an email, but there you go), they have hidden meanings and snide comments. I choose to believe, if you deal with me, what you SAY, and TYPE is what you SAY and TYPE and if you mean any different, SAY or TYPE it ! Otherwise, the words will be taken as they are.

The emails I have received have not bothered me greatly, I have concern as to the unhappiness which they suffer, but material things will not bring that about and they may never learn that. Their choice  x

This work is copyrighted. Copyright 2016
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It’s always nice to be asked🙂 respect one another x

​In 2017

I may have a mobile phone or I may not

I may choose to answer calls or I may not

I may be on Facebook or I may not
I will be available at times I choose

Not at all times if I choose to have a mobile phone at all

I will choose the best methods of communication based on my FLUID disability.

I will answer all civil and polite genuine questions regarding my FLUID disability.
I understand others may not like this

I understand this is their issue not mine

I understand people , even family , will insist my disability is the way they think,

That I only have issues and problems written in texts books.

I understand that my explanations about my disability will be taken out of context and used against me.

I understand that is how they wish to be

I will not “catch” the gift of anger they try to give me.

I will not be drawn into explanations to people who will not listen nor read my words.

I will not do things I do not wish to just to please others

I will say no

I live my life as I have always done with compassion for all sentient beings

I am me and I am learning.

I make no apologies for being me.

I am human respect me as me.

I will walk away from anything that is unhealthy for me.

This work is copyrighted. Copyright 2016 

Please kindly note : All rights are reserved.

All Copyright is that of the stated author, me, and remains so.

Do not repost, copy or share without written permission from the author.

copyright 2016, all rights reserved .Please do not copy, edit or change, quote  use with out express permission.

All rights are reserved,  so if you are glib to quote,  copy,  edit,  changed or use in anyway, ways seek the authors permission first.

It’s always nice to be asked🙂 respect one another x